Sunday, April 22, 2012

Work in Progress

Hard work and lots of it! To reap the rewards of summer's bounty, there is first some work.

I've gotten pretty far this weekend. And I discovered bark mulch, it cleans things up nicely, keeps the weeds down and smells lovely. It's not expensive, but then I don't have a very large area, just a messy one.

It's a nice little sunny spot. I surrounded the area with bark mulch which will make it easier to manage once all this Spring work is done. I'm hoe-ing my rows today, and think I might be ready to plant some seedlings I have growing on my counter. LOL -  I have discovered a whole new meaning to the word hoe! And it has nothing to do with the t-shirt my sister gave me...

Burgundy heirloom beans sprouting in egg crates on my kitchen counter!

Lettuce was the first to sprout, leaning to the sun like an audience at a rock concert.

It's going to be a sweet little, abundant (yessss) garden very soon.

Economically speaking a small garden like this will be able to off-set food costs. Stocking up the excess either by freezing or canning for the winter months will contribute to my food budget big time. I am really looking forward to seeing all the benefits of gardening for myself. I know in my heart, hard work pays off plus the feeling of accomplishment from seeing the seeds come to life as real food - Wow! I'm trudging along right now, but this is going to be an incredibly rewarding experience. 

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