Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gardening 101

Plants are supposed to just grow. Not much to it. So, I hear. And I really do want to see how easy or how hard it can really be. What's worth it to me and what's not?

I suppose the worst part of it is getting the land - lol, my little plot - ready for the seeds and the plants. Oh, the fun stuff: Raking leaves, evening out the area. A chore's a chore and this part of gardening does not smell like a bed of roses. So far. I've started small. Just small enough for me to manage. I've been trying real hard today to get the sarcastic city girl out of me. She keeps me laughing. I stopped way too many times from raking to look at what I had got done, and how far I had to go. I still have a lot of work ahead of me - this is just my first day at it! Seriously, I raked up enough leaves to hide four dead bodies! How do you get rid of the dead leaves?

It's still chilly out; way too cold for planting. Duke and Mollie were absolutely no help at all. The raking irritated Mollie, so she went in and went to sleep on a stool, with one eye open on me. When I'd stop raking for a while, she'd come back out to see what I'd done. Duke stood in the doorway or on the step probably wondering what in the world was going on. We're all from the city.

Last week I got my seeds. After perusing online and finding out how much shipping was going to be, I went locally to King's. I spent $26.78 on seeds and a bag of soil for starting the seeds indoors. At the building thrift store I got 20 cement bricks to set my garden - he gave them to me for $10.60. To me it seems expensive to start a garden. I was able to borrow all the tools from my landlord - a huge savings.

The promise of Spring!!
Oh, joy, my little plot of land! The leaves by the fence are still stuck to ice. I'm doing a sort of raised bed garden. It may turn out that the bricks just keep it in line. There really is a lot of room for plants out there. I'm hoping it will look like it's an overflowing little cottage garden with flowers and herbs mixed with an abundance of fresh vegetables. I think I may be dreaming heavily with this vision.

Although, it looks dismal at the moment, there are lots of planting opportunities all around the house.

One of many!! What am I supposed to do with all this!?!?

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