Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Aesthetically Pleasing Place

You may've thought I gave up, and you'd be right, but, only for a while. My yearning to have a garden space I love has kept me going. Although, I may not be very talented, is no reason for me not be able to produce some things and enjoy the space.

I have reacquainted myself with the nursery. As a gardener, I have found a home. I knew it when I walked through the tables of blooming flowers and gorgeous hanging baskets.

Now, I got off to great start with my seeds. Transplanting them disheartened me with the sight of my dead little seedlings. But, I am determined to figure this out, and I am set on having a beautiful and somewhat productive little piece of land, here. Potager still lingers in my thoughts...

I've always loved clay pots. The plain old ones, nothing fancy, they just look so clean and wholesome. So, I got some clay pots. Notice the inevitable paw in the background.

I beautified my front porch with this lovely hanging basket and the whiskey barrel, so welcoming here in the mountains. Below the hanging basket is an eyesore of a shrub...planning on getting that sucker out of there by the weekend - spiders love it, so it must go! A pretty flower bed coming soon!

The Dukester must find a way to get in there! Gotta love that whiskey barrel - it just says home.

In the sideyard, the peas are coming up! WHoooPeeee! I can grow peas! I love the little curly-q's. These little guys are doing just great. Plenty of water and sunshine and watch them grow!

When I thought my seeds had all died, I tossed the soil, still containing seeds....and Voila! I think I have some lettuce growing amongst a heap of twigs and dead leaves. Who woulda thunk, huh?

I have to remind myself, I'm new at this and it won't happen overnight. I am thoroughly intrigued by gardening. Mixing soil, composting, weeding - all things I need to learn more about, but will take time. This may not be my ideal...but I will learn how to make it work and make it be a space to enjoy.

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